Volume 1, Number 1, Year 2020


Veeralakshmi S
Department of Translation, Tamil University, Thanjavur- 613010, Tamil Nadu, India.

Published 2020-06-30


  • Poem,
  • Translation,
  • Covid-19,
  • Pandemic,
  • Source language Target language,
  • English,
  • Tamil
  • ...More

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S, V. (2020). POEM AND TRANSLATION. International Research Journal of Tamil Literary Studies, 1(1), 16–20. Retrieved from https://vahaipublication.com/index.php/irjtls/article/view/3


On 2020, the whole world is lockdown because of the Covid -19. An Irish American retired teacher, Kitty O'Meara wrote poem, In the Time of Pandemic in facebook on March 2020 and it goes Viral. And then she wrote the second part, titled In the Time of Pandemic Part II. The author of this article translate those two Poems from English into Tamil. Those translated poems published in yaavarum.com online journal with her Penname Mathura Yazh. This article defines the method of Poem translation. This research reveals the method of translating the Poem through those two Poems.


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