International Research Journal of Tamil Literary Studies <p><strong>International Research Journal of Tamil Literary Studies (E-ISSN: 2582-7030)</strong> gives keen scope to understand and evaluate the classical antiquity of Tamil Language and Literature and modern trends in it. The Journal mainly focuses on the thrust areas such as History of Tamil Language and Culture, Folk Arts, Temple Studies, Siddha Medicine, Tamil Linguistics, Tamil Criticism, Tamil Literature, Creative writing in Tamil Language, Tamil Literature and Psychology, Women in Tamil Literature, Eco-criticism, Comparative Literature, World Literatures in Tamil Translation.</p> Vahai Publication en-US International Research Journal of Tamil Literary Studies 2582-7030 THE GENESIS AND EVOLUTION OF LENGTHENING (AḶAPEṬAI) IN TRADITIONAL TAMIL GRAMMAR BOOKS <p>Succeeding books after Tolkāppiyam are Vīracōḻiyam, Nēminātam, Naṉṉūl, Ilakkaṇa viḷakkam, Toṉṉūl viḷakkam, Cuvāminātam, Aṟuvakai ilakkaṇam, Muttuvīriyam, Tamiḻnūl, Teṉṉūl, Vaḷartamiḻ ilakkaṇam, Tamiḻkkāppu iyam. All these traditional grammar books are written in verse. The research paper attempts to explore the similarities, differences and contemporary usage of Lengthening / Long sound (Aḷapeṭai) among the above listed books. While making a complaint or singing a song or calling out for someone or crying out of pain or selling the goods, the last alphabet is pronounced long. The study further analyses that how Tamiḻnūl, Vaḷartamiḻ ilakkaṇam, Tamiḻkkāppu iyam classify and exercise ‘Aḷapeṭai’ in the modern context.</p> Annapoornima Ayyakannu Sundaram Lakshmanan Copyright (c) 2022 Annapoornima Ayyakannu, Sundaram Lakshmanan 2022-02-04 2022-02-04 1 10 10.34256/vp2211 ALWARGAR PAASURANGALIL THIRUKURALIN THAKKAM <p>The period of Bakthi literature is one of the most important and Revolutionary of the history of Tamil literature. The Ancient Religion of Saiva and Vainava competed each other and also ignored other religions. During this period Nayanmars and Alwars enriched their religions and also florised the Tamil language. Alwars and Nayanmars created the Bhakthi literature of Thevaram, Thiruvasagam and Nalaiyira Dhivya Prabhantham. Impact of Sangam literature reflected in Bakthi literature not only Sangam literature and Moral literature also. Based on this, The Main moto of this article how the Thirukural’s thoughts spread in Alwar’s Paasurangal.</p> Sangeethratha N.S.K Copyright (c) 2022 Sangeethratha N.S.K 2022-01-30 2022-01-30 11 18 10.34256/vp2212 SIMPLE METHOD IN TEACHING TAMIL YAAPPU GRAMMAR <p>The specialty of the Tamil Language lies in its excellent grammatical structure. There are five types of grammar: Letters, Words, Porul (Meanings), Yaappu, and Ani. Among these are the grammar of composing verses and preserving the structure of Tamil poetry. Intricate elements such as ethugei, monei, iyebu express the specialty that can be placed within each foot. Due to the presence of these elements in poetry/seiyul, one can easily memorise and store it in his/her memory bank. Yaappu grammar knowledge is important not only to poetry writing enthusiasts but also to avid poetry readers. The first step that Yaappu grammar learners need to know is separating the ‘seer’. The younger generation consider this separation aspect to be the most difficult task. Not surprisingly, the younger generation does not show much interest in learning Yaappu grammar. If we really manipulate the deconstruction technique with the simple mathematical knowledge that we have, Yaappu grammar will be easy for everyone. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to introduce a simple technique of sorting, using the mathematical knowledge to introduce the learning and teaching process for university students and to identify the directory status of the students through pre-testing and post-testing.</p> Manonmani Devi M.A.R Annamalai Copyright (c) 2022 Manonmani Devi M.A.R Annamalai 2022-01-30 2022-01-30 19 26 10.34256/vp2213