International Research Journal of Tamil Literary Studies <p><strong>International Research Journal of Tamil Literary Studies (E-ISSN: 2582-7030)</strong> gives keen scope to understand and evaluate the classical antiquity of Tamil Language and Literature and modern trends in it. The Journal mainly focuses on the thrust areas such as History of Tamil Language and Culture, Folk Arts, Temple Studies, Siddha Medicine, Tamil Linguistics, Tamil Criticism, Tamil Literature, Creative writing in Tamil Language, Tamil Literature and Psychology, Women in Tamil Literature, Eco-criticism, Comparative Literature, World Literatures in Tamil Translation.</p> Vahai Publication en-US International Research Journal of Tamil Literary Studies 2582-7030 CONSTRUCTION OF THOLKAPPIYAM IN UTPERU PULLI URUVA GUMME <p>Grammatical origin is the Culmination of the Development of a Language. Among the Grammatical texts that thus appeared, the oldest and most glorious was the Tholkaappiya. Which become fully available. Iin which the Ezhuthu, sol and porul are included. In first Phase Tholkaappiyar who traverses the nature of the characters also mentions their form. Tholkaappiyar interprets the formation of point at which line for the constriction of Magaram (Magarak kurukkam) enters the form within form. This review explains about that "Utperu pulli?"</p> Karpgam M Copyright (c) 2020 Karpgam M 2020-06-30 2020-06-30 1 1 1 7 TRACING THE TRAJECTORY OF THE CONCEPT OF KUDI IN TAMIL LITERARY SOURCES FROM SANGAM TO BHAKTHI ERA <p>The socio historical formation of each society is based on the negotiations of class contradictions in each society at a particular historical juncture. Literature can be used as a resource to trace its dynamics to some extent. Prof. Sivathambi has attempted to establish the notion of tinai as the basis of Tamil social unit and also emphasized the need to study the formation of Tamil society in each era based on the occupations of the people, production relations, formation of commercial systems and the State. This paper is an attempt to study the semantic realm of the word ‘kudi’ in select Sangam texts (Purananuru and Madurai Kanchi), Tirukkural, Silappadhikaram and Appar’s Thevaram.</p> Mohana A Copyright (c) 2020 Mohana A 2020-06-30 2020-06-30 1 1 8 15 POEM AND TRANSLATION <p><em>On 2020, the whole world is lockdown because of the Covid -19. An Irish American retired teacher, Kitty O'Meara wrote poem, In the Time of Pandemic in facebook on March 2020 and it goes Viral. And then she wrote the second part, titled In the Time of Pandemic Part II. The author of this article translate those two Poems from English into Tamil. Those translated poems published in online journal with her Penname Mathura Yazh. This article defines the method of Poem translation. This research reveals the method of translating the Poem through those two Poems.</em></p> Veeralakshmi S Copyright (c) 2020 Veeralakshmi S 2020-06-30 2020-06-30 1 1 16 20 TOLKAPPIAM COLLATIKAARAM - A NEW PERSPECTIVE OF NACCINAARKKINIYAR <p><em>This study is set to classify the uniqueness of the commentary by Naccinaarkkiniyar among the texts written in the Middle Ages to the tolkaappiyam collatikaaram. Ilampuuranar, cenavaraiyar, tevaccilaiyaar, kallaatar, aattireeyar are the others who were also contributed commentary to tolkaappiyam collatikaaram. Analytical approach of study has been adopted for this research. This study seeks to highlight the uniqueness of the commentary made by Naccinaarkkiniyar by illustrating the special features of his interpretation.</em></p> Senthilnarayanan A Copyright (c) 2020 Senthilnarayanan A 2020-06-30 2020-06-30 1 1 21 29 DEATH AND TOMBSTONE IN SANGAM LITERATURE <p><em>The major objectives sangam literature describe the theme and background of the people and the life style . sangam literature focus literature&nbsp; and humanity of their happy and sad. The design of the study is qualitative method. The findings shos that the people lived the that era they lived in high culture and tradition.&nbsp; In sangam era the people are highly lived for other human in nature. They loved the nature and protect the nature. A person lived and finally dead bittean the lifetime ho he lived and loved by others.</em></p> Sivaguru Nagarajan Copyright (c) 2020 Sivaguru Nagarajan 2020-06-30 2020-06-30 1 1 30 35