Volume 1, Number 2, Year 2021


Gandhidurai S
Department of Tamil, Thiagarajar College, Madurai-625009, Tamil Nadu, India

Published 2021-07-01


  • sangam literature,
  • religion,
  • life systle,
  • theology

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S, G. . (2021). GOD IN SANGAM LITERATURE. International Research Journal of Tamil Literary Studies, 1(2), 41–47. Retrieved from https://vahaipublication.com/index.php/irjtls/article/view/12


In Sangam literature, theology was structured accurately and it was an important part of the lives of the Tamil people in that period. In Tamilian's custom, people were greatly devoted and faith towards the God.  They prayed God to help them succeed in their attempts, to avoid harm and to have peaceful life in the present and after life. Worshiping of God began in the early days of the Sangam period. First they started worshipping of nature and it grows into an ancestral worship and then flourished to religious worship today. In this article we will see about how the deities were worshipped by the people of the Sangam period.


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